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About Polykart Ltd

polycart graphics
polycart graphics

About Polykart Ltd. - Personalized boxes and packaging for every brand

Company Polycart Ltd is located in the town of Kostinbrod, Sofia region. It produces all kinds of packaging, envelopes and boxes made of cardboard, cardboard, paper and microcorrugated cardboard.
The printing house has certificates for quality ISO9001, environment and clean energy ISO50001, recycling ISO14001.

Information about prices and quality

Company Polycart Ltd creates high quality products.

The offers include detailed information about the product, and the price is tailored according to what the customer is looking for, and a suitable product is offered to satisfy his wishes.

Create design and 3D models

Printing house Polycart Ltd offers 3D visualization, model, construction and design.

The customer may wish to preview a 3D model before production starts to get a better idea of how the final product will turn out.


For each inquiry sent by a customer, the necessary attention is given by the assembled company team, which specifies the best possibilities for the creation of the product.

If any information is missing in the sent email, the customer receives a feedback for clarification.

Types of fancy stamps

Spectacular stamps contribute to improving the look of the packaging. They give a distinctive and luxurious look, through their different techniques:

  • Complete UV varnish - matte or glossy
  • Laminate gloss - matte, metallic; unilateral or bilateral
  • Partial UV varnish - gloss, matte, relief varnish, brocade; unilateral or bilateral
  • Hot stamping and pregge - hot stamping, dry pregge, 3D relief + hot stamping; the foil can be glossy or matte

Effective stamps can create memorable packaging that evokes the brand it is promoting, as well as creating a sense of valuable content.