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Types of materials

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The materials for the creation of boxes and packaging, with which printers work, are several types with different characteristics that determine the type and strength of the final product. The following materials are most often used:



Cardboard can be of different weights, which determine its thickness. The correct determination of the required weights depends on what weight the package must support. The cardboard can be of different shades, according to the price requested by the customer, such as white on both sides, white on the face and gray on the back, white on the face and cream on the back, kraft, etc.

Examples of articles and products


There are different types of paper according to the characteristics that define it as different weights and volume. This is a part of them:
Offset paper is the most widely used paper that is produced. It is white with some cellulose, which makes it suitable for monochrome and full color printing. It is mainly used for catalogs, textbooks, brochures, books, dictionaries and any advertising materials requiring high quality printing.
Glossy paper has a double-sided coating. It is distinguished by being shiny and soft, which affects the price and. It is often used in digital printing for high-quality materials.
Adhesive paper (self-adhesive) is characterized by the fact that one side allows it to be glued to other surfaces. It can also be used in digital or offset printing according to the circulation.
Newsprint is a lower grade, therefore cheaper, but it is lighter than offset. It has a cream color and is mainly used for newspapers and some school notebooks.
Chrome paper can be matte or glossy and is suitable for printing because it retains its shine. It is often used for lamination on corrugated cardboard and cardboard, and if it is of a thicker grammage, a box can be made directly from it.
Design paper (effect paper) is colorful and different to the touch, it can be shiny, iridescent, rough, smooth. It is distinguished by its high price and is used for luxury packaging.

Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is primarily used to create shipping packaging, cartons and some luxury packaging that needs safe transportation. Corrugated cardboard can be two-layered, three-layered, four-layered, five-layered, with the outer sides being straight paper, and the inside - wavy. It can be brown/brown, brown/white and white/white, which is determined by the color of the outer layer.


Mukawa is used for luxury goods. It is distinguished by its high price. It is hard and for the creation of a certain product it is necessary to do channels , so that the mukava can be folded. In the production process, bleaching is not applied, which is why it is mostly gray on both sides. Stamping can be added by printing chrome paper and then laminating (gluing) it to the cover. Some customers prefer to cover the material with designer paper. The cardboard is of different thicknesses, which allows the creation of packages of different strength according to their content and the price requested by the customer.