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White Cardboard Envelope With Self-Adhesive

White cardboard envelope in various sizes with self-adhesive and printable.

White Square Envelope

White square mailing envelope with round flap and self-adhesive in stock and to order with stamp.

White Envelope with Triangular Cover 120 x 180 mm

White envelope with a triangular flap from Offset 80 g, dimensions 120 x 180 mm for classified mail in stock.

White Mailing Envelope

White postal secret envelope with triangular flap and self-adhesive in stock and to order in various sizes and printable.

White Secret Envelope with Triangular Lid

White offset paper secret envelope with triangular flap in various sizes in stock and to order, printable.

White Paper Pocket

White paper pocket made of white offset with self-adhesive to order and in stock in various editions according to the customer's requirements with the possibility of printing.

Kraft Paper Pocket

Pocket of kraft paper in various sizes in stock and to order, with the possibility of printing and design of your choice.

Microcorrugated pocket

Brown/white microcorrugated pocket with self-adhesive and custom-made tear-off zipper.

Pocket with volume

Pocket with a volume of 300 x 400 x 40 mm from brown kraft with self-adhesive in stock and on order.

Cardboard Envelope for B4

White cardboard envelope for B4 sheets in stock and on order with dimensions 365 x 265 mm.

Brown Mailing Envelope

Envelope made of kraft paper with a lid with rounded corners and self-adhesive on the inside of the lid to order in various editions.

Craft Pocket

Craft paper pocket with added hand-adhesive flap on the inside and can be printed to order.