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Cream paper filing folders

Filing folder for any office in cream smooth high quality paper to store all important documents, sketches, notes, letterheads and more.

Bank envelope

Bank envelope in standard and non-standard sizes with the possibility of printing and spectacular design to order.


A small notebook-type catalog for colored design papers, samples or custom card stock.

Business letterheads

Any company and work necessary printed forms to fill in the workplace.

Business folders

Work folders for the desk at the workplace or document storage with a different color design to order in different editions and sizes.

Binder in stock

Black binder with added metal elements in the middle, designed for archiving personal documents, company documents and various important paper materials. The binder takes up little space, which allows it to be placed in different places.

Binder with stamp

Binder with stamp and added metal elements in the middle. It is suitable for archiving various important documents - company or personal. The binder takes up little space, which helps it to be placed in different places.


Any company letterhead to be completed according to the customer's needs and different number of pages, available in stock or to order.

Drawing pad

Drawing pad with sheets of white offset or newsprint for students.


Brochures are one of the most frequently chosen promotional materials by customers. They are convenient to carry and come out at a good price in a large print run. With their colorful design, they manage to keep people's attention on themselves. Their advantage is that they take up little space and can be folded. Their added information can always be at everyone's fingertips.

White binder

White binder with metal elements, made of mukawa, suitable for storing various important documents or sheets. It can also be in different colors and sizes.

White cardboard envelope with self-adhesive

White cardboard envelope in various sizes with self-adhesive and printable.