School supplies in stock and on order in large and medium runs with the possibility of printing and various types of spectacular finishing works such as UV varnish and others.

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Drawing pad

Drawing pad with sheets of white offset or newsprint for students.

Cardboard Folder

A cardboard folder with custom printing, suitable for small and large, allowing the storage of drawings or documents.

Cardboard Pink Folder

A cardboard folder with added pink printing, suitable for students and the workplace, with the possibility of adding a company logo and various images for advertising or informational purposes.

Cube - Flower Petals

Small colorful notepads in a cube in various colors made to order and in stock, suitable for any desk.

Sheets for Notes A4

A4 sheets with color offset printing, suitable for both students and the work desk for keeping detailed and organized notes.

Folder with Ribbon

Folder with tape to close the sides and print as available in stock or made to order with customer supplied print files.

Custom Design Folder

White folder with added printed color elements, made of high-quality cardboard, which is suitable for printing to order with files specified by the customer.

Order Folder

A folder made of high-quality cardboard, which can be used for any type of printing, which gives freshness to the colors and preserves the desired look.

Sketchbook for Drawing

Stamped sketchbook for children and students to draw in stock with stamps available and made to order.

Notebook with Connections

Notebook made of cardboard and newsprint with added bindings on the sides, suitable for notes of any nature.