Polycart offers varieties of all packaging according to their purpose with printing in stock and to order completely according to your needs and preferences

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Binder with stamp

Binder with stamp and added metal elements in the middle. It is suitable for archiving various important documents - company or personal. The binder takes up little space, which helps it to be placed in different places.

White mailing envelope

White paper envelope in various sizes in stock and to order with the possibility of printing.

White paper envelope

White paper envelopes in standard and non-standard sizes, possibility of printing and laminate of choice.

White box internally laminated

Internally laminated cardboard white box in stock or to order with added printing according to set files. The inner laminate is suitable for direct contact with food and additionally retains heat for a longer time.

White cake box

Large white cardboard cake box with handle and collapsible in stock and on order. The box can be thematically branded to create a mood in customers.

White cake box with handle

White cake box with handle without print in stock in various sizes and branding option. The box is in two parts, glued together due to its large size when unfolded.  

White box in stock 300 x 400 x 150 mm

White small box made of high quality cardboard in stock, measuring 300 x 400 x 150 mm.

Two-piece white box

Two-part microcorrugated box with glued lid, coated with Chrome 170 g on the outside and Pantone stamped.

One piece white box

One-piece stock carton in various sizes for transporting food. It is easily foldable and is delivered in an unfolded version. The box has the possibility to add different printing techniques.

White bag with twist handles

White bag with custom twist handles in various sizes and designs with the option of various fancy stamps.

Inner laminated box

Internally laminated cardboard box suitable for contact with fried food and the transfer. The laminate added on the inside keeps the products warm for a longer time.

Double-sided microcorrugated box

Double sided laminated microcorrugated box with black color used on the outside and orange color used on the inside with a blank for white writing.