Polikart offers folders, binders and binders in various sizes to order with the possibility of printing, spectacular design and various finishing services.

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Cream paper filing folders

Filing folder for any office in cream smooth high quality paper to store all important documents, sketches, notes, letterheads and more.

Business folders

Work folders for the desk at the workplace or document storage with a different color design to order in different editions and sizes.

Binder in stock

Black binder with added metal elements in the middle, designed for archiving personal documents, company documents and various important paper materials. The binder takes up little space, which allows it to be placed in different places.

White binder

White binder with metal elements, made of mukawa, suitable for storing various important documents or sheets. It can also be in different colors and sizes.

White folder with link

White folder with link and black book vinyl in the middle on the outside in stock in various sizes and to order. The folder is hardcover, which allows for longer-term preservation.  

Laminated microcorrugated display

Display made of laminated (glued) with chrome 170 g microcorrugated cardboard for cosmetic products or products of another nature in a showcase. This display can be created in different sizes.

Cardboard folder

A cardboard folder with custom printing, suitable for small and large, allowing the storage of drawings or documents.

Pink cardboard folder

High-quality cardboard folder with added pink printing for an elegant look, suitable for students and the workplace, with the option of adding a company logo and various images for advertising or informational purposes.

Magazine folder

The binder is made of mukava, 2 mm thick, which is a hard material that is laminated (glued) with chrome paper, most often 170 g, which is pre-printed. Folders of this type are suitable for collecting magazines and are found in the various salons.

Mukawa folder

The folder is made of 2 mm mukava and laminated with pre-printed chrome 170 g on the outside. The design is simple, which prevents cluttering of unnecessary information that would distract attention from the essential information about the company.

Box for archiving documents

A box with black book vinyl on the corners for archiving all kinds of documents and other important supplies. The box can be placed anywhere without taking up much space.

Case folder

A folder A case with blue print to order according to the customer's wishes with the possibility of adding connections.