Useful information

Kraft packaging


Kraft was originally made in Germany. The word craft in German it means strength, which corresponds to its quality and durability. It is recyclable and biodegradable, which is why it is often chosen by customers. This can make the product more attractive to people who are friendly to the Earth and the environment.

Often people choose kraft material to give a more natural look to their packaging. It conveys a sense of special hand-crafting. For the creation of boxes from kraft, it is not necessary to add a laminating coating. They can be easily printed with logo and create a memorable feeling in customers.

There are different materials in a wide range of prices. Kraft materials are one of the most affordable packaging products for any customer.
Products made of kraft allow them to be used repeatedly, especially the bags, which can have punched, flat or twisted handles from the same material.

Kraft boxes are the number one choice for many businesses. Their rough style is great for endless brilliant branding approaches. In essence, kraft is brown, and to make it white the fibers must be bleached.

Being a less processed paper, kraft paper has a rougher texture that does not easily accept coatings and laminates. This is an advantage because laminates make the recycling process difficult as they must be separated from the paper.

Kraft paper is moisture resistant. The texture offers protection against scratches and abrasions. If you create a craft box with an auto-locking bottom it becomes ideal for heavier items.

The power of color

The black color is powerful enough and looks great regardless of the design on the kraft card or paper. Full color printing requires the use of the CMYK color palette. If you're going for a natural look, this material is great for that, because the fibers of the paper show through the ink, and the color isn't saturated and strong.

Contrasting colors

In order to print more prominent colors there is an option to print white ink. It blocks the brown surface and prevents the colors from blending into the cardboard allowing the other colors to stand out.

To enhance the look of the kraft box, hot stamping is a good option that adds an elegant touch.

Custom packaging

Kraft boxes can be customized using numerous techniques. Their advantage is that they are a cheap alternative to printing on another material. There are a few things to consider when printing on kraft. Because of its brown background, kraft paper affects the way colors appear. Because of its uncoated nature, it absorbs the ink, making colors appear paler. It is recommended to avoid the use of light colors because they will not be very visible against the brown background.