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Cardboard packaging


Using cardboard boxes for packaging is a cheap and easy way to build a brand name. Custom cardboard boxes are widely used as a means of transporting and storing the products while preventing any damage to them. They can be designed in different sizes, shapes, type of closure according to the customer's needs.

Cardboard boxes

The cardboard box, designed according to the type of product, allows for easy brand recognition, which increases customer loyalty. Making the right design is an important part of showing that the products are meaningful and valued.

Nowadays, modernly designed boxes are a basic need for almost every product. They can help in different ways thanks to making them with different features that could provide content safety and good marketing exposure. Boxes should fit the dimensions of the product to give it maximum protection from damage.

Custom packaging is created and designed in a unique way to fit the product. It creates a memorable look among the competition. The customer can choose the material that highlights the product best.

Boxes are used for various items such as household products, food items, medicines, jewelry and many more. This helps to make more sales than all other tricks.

Spectacular seals

Cardboard is a suitable material for any type of packaging with different sizes and details. To create an original personalized package, different types of effective stamps can be used, such as hot stamping, UV varnish, embossed printing, pregge, etc.

Cardboard packaging with outer coating and window

The additional coating applies a finished look to the product, which can be matte or glossy.

Boxes with a window are a modern solution for any business. They allow the various attributes to attract customers' attention as well as inform them about themselves. Window boxes, combined with a custom design, create a big impression and a guaranteed increase in profits. This type of box is manufactured in the same way as the others, having an additional window on one side, which, according to its size, clearly reveals the contents. This is a useful method when it allows to see the inside, but at the same time to protect against direct touches of the packaged product.

Internal coating

Some packages are available with an internal coated (laminar) side for food products in various sizes and details.

Protective food contact coatings have all the necessary certificates and specifications to guarantee the quality and design of the packaging.