Useful information

Necessary information for preparing an offer


Before getting to the part of preparing the offer, the desired product should be considered in its entirety and information should be gathered about the necessary materials and any necessary procedure in making it.

When submitting the inquiry by email, the customer must specify several things about the desired item:

  • What kind of box or packaging is requested, and a sample photo can be attached for a faster response from the team.
  • If the weight of the material is known, it should be indicated, and if the customer is not familiar with this detail, it is desirable to share what will be contained in the box, so that the technologists can judge what cardboard, paper, mukawa or corrugated cardboard will be the most -suitable.
  • The circulation is a mandatory part that must be included, because it is used to calculate the necessary materials for production. If the customer hesitates, he can request an offer for several editions and choose the one that suits him.
  • If there are ready-to-print files, they need to be presented in order to be able to work with them and examine the colors used in detail.



All company emails are active and monitored by team members.

For every email sent by the customers, the team of technologists, designers, constructors is gathered and a discussion is held for the best and quality creation of the product.